Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Countdown - Day 9

Wow!  Today has been exhausting.  Why is it that the one thing that your child wants most is always the "hottest thing out there"?  I swear every year, one of my kids "has to have" that thing that is sold out in every store in town.  This year it is GoGo My Walking Pup.  I spent the entire day looking all over town to find it.  I didn't.  So, a tank of gas and a headache later and I have to do it all again.

Let's move on to happier topics, kay?

Day 9

Have you ever walked through a store or shop, saw something really cute, and thought to yourself, "I could make that.  I could make that cuter and for less money." ?  Happens to me a lot.  That is how these next projects came about.

I saw these nice photo holders on a shopping trip, and knew that I could take that idea and run with it.  So, I did.  I found some artist canvases and painted them with acrylic paints (white and vanilla)  I added some ink and buttons (with chains), snowflakes and some brads.  Then I handed it over to Lisa, and she added some fantastic shimmer, ribbon, brads, and pizzazz!  I love what she did to finish them off.  Don't they look beautiful?  And they are loaded with some fantastic cards.

Well that is Day 9.   I am ready to put this day to bed.  I am going to the couch with a cool cloth.  See you all tomorrow.

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