Tuesday, February 2, 2010

All you need is love . . . and chocolate . . . and LOST

Happy LOST day!

I warned you guys ahead of time that I love LOST.  Perhaps you were not aware of exactly how much of a dork I am over this show.  I am a HUGE dork.  It is true, I admit it.  The beautiful thing is, that I am not alone.  Head on over to  to see just how many of us there are.  Actually, you probably know at least one mega LOST fan already.  We know we are annoying, we just don't see why you aren't.

On to stamping.

Look at this cute treat box I made to give my hubby (he doesn't watch LOST but I love him anyway).



I used the Petal Card die and the Big Shot to make this cute box.  I filled it with chocolate hug and kisses.  He deserves every single one of them.  But I may take a few first.  It is chocolate after all.
Thanks for stopping by.


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