Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back from the trenches

Wow!  So the Countdown to Christmas stopped a little short.  Sorry.  Funny thing is . . .it came anyway.  I ended up with less time in the days than I had planned for so something had to get put to the side.  Unfortunately, it was my blog.  Secretly, I was hoping that oyu were all just as busy as me and wouldn't notice.  However, I know I few of you did.  Sorry again.

But now, Christmas is done, leftovers are long gone, the Christmas baking is dwindling, kids are back in school, and my crafting space is new cleaned and organized.  I feel rejuvenated and remojoified (new word).

So, I am going to start the New Year fresh (if a little late) and get back to sharing what I love.

Thanks for stopping by.


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